About Members
Skills: A&R(12), Accountant(1), Acoustic Guitarist(47), Administrative(8), Advertising/Marketing Firm(5), Arranger(11), Band(12), Bandleader(10), Bandurist(1), Bass Guitarist(16), Bodyguard/Security(1), Booking Agent(4), Business Manager(5), Choreographer(3), Clarinetist(1), Composer(19), Creative Director(5), DJ(5), Dancer(12), Drummer(27), Electric Guitarist(35), Electronic Musician(8), Euphoniumist(1), Executive(7), Front of House (FOH) Engineer(4), Graphic Design Agency(1), Graphic Designer(6), Harpist(1), Information/Technology(1), Instrumentalist(4), Internet/New Media(11), Journalism/Blogging(9), Keyboardist(11), Light Engineer(2), Lighting(2), Lyricist(20), Management Firm(4), Manager(19), Merchandise(3), Model(12), Music Publishing(6), Music School(2), Music Store(1), Musician(31), Oboist(1), Orchestra(1), Orchestrator(1), Percussionist(8), Personal Assistant(5), Photographer(4), Pianist(11), Poet(6), Producer(48), Production Assistant(5), Production Company(5), Production Crew(3), Production Engineer(7), Promoter(8), Public Relations(3), Publicist(3), Radio Personality(5), Radio Station(3), Rapper(13), Record Label(7), Record Store(1), Rigging(1), Saxophonist(1), Singer(67), Songwriter(70), Sound Engineer(14), Stage Manager(5), Stylist(2), Talent Agency(2), Tech (Guitar, Bass, Drums)(6), Tour Assistant(4), Tour Manager(3), Tubist(1), Venue(1), Video Director(8), Video Producer(6), Videographer(2), Vocal Coach(3), Wardrobe/Stylist(5)
Locations: Adelaide, Australia(1), Alexandria(1), Ambler, Pennsylvania(1), Antwerp(1), Atlanta(2), Atlanta, Georgia(1), Bangor(1), Berkeley(1), Buena Park, California(1), Chicago(2), Chicago, Illinois(1), Colorado Springs(1), Columbus(1), D.C./L05 4NG3L35/N.Y./E.U./S.A(1), Dana Point, California(1), Detroit(2), Ellicott City, Maryland(1), Englewood(1), Greeley, Colorado(1), Hazelwood(1), Hollywood, California(2), Indianapolis, Indiana(1), Isla Vista(1), Isla Vista, California(2), Jacksonville(1), Jacksonville, Florida(1), Kansas City(2), Kirovohrad(1), LA/NYC(1), La Manouba, Tunis, Tunisia(1), Lafayette(1), Lakewood(1), Las Vegas(1), London(3), Los Angeles(125), Los Angeles (1), Los Angeles CA(1), Los Angeles, California(9), Lubbock, Texas(1), Madrid, Spain(1), Mesa(1), Mexico(1), Miami(2), Miami Beach(1), Miami, Florida(1), New Delhi, India(1), New Jersey(1), New York(5), New York, New York(2), Newburgh(1), Newcastle upon Tyne(1), Newport News(1), North Hollywood, California(1), Oakland, California(1), Orlando, Florida(1), Overland Park(1), Paris(1), Pearland, Texas(1), Phoenix, Arizona(1), Pittsburgh(2), Playa Vista, California(1), Portland(1), Rockford(1), Saint Louis(2), San Francisco(3), San Francisco, California(2), San Jose(1), San Jose, California(1), Santa Barbara(2), South Huntington, New York(1), Springfield(1), Stuart, Florida(1), Vancouver, British Columbia(1), West Baltimore, Maryland(1), West Hollywood, California(1), Westlake Village(1), Wichita(1)
Projects: Album(6), Event(1)
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