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Genres: Alternative(31), Blues(18), Christian(17), Classical(10), Country(15), Dance(21), Electronic(18), Folk(5), Gospel(19), House/Techno/Trance(13), Jazz(19), Latin(7), Metal(7), Musical Theater(9), Pop(63), Punk(7), R&B/Soul(50), Rap/Hip-Hop(37), Reggae(8), Rock(41)
Locations: Albenga(1), Alexandria, Virginia(1), Amarante Municipality, Portugal(1), Ambler, Pennsylvania(1), Amsterdam, Netherlands(1), Atlanta(2), Austin, Texas(1), Bactu, Futuria(1), Bloomington, Indiana(1), Breisach(1), Brooklyn, New York(1), Charlotte, North Carolina(1), Chicago(1), Chicago, Illinois(1), Colorado Springs(1), Dana Point, California(1), DeLand, Florida(1), Exton, Pennsylvania(1), Fayetteville(2), Florida(1), Hazelwood(1), Holland(1), Hollywood, California(1), Istanbul, Turkey(1), Jacksonville, Florida(1), Jersey City(1), Kokomo,Indiana(1), La Manouba, Tunis, Tunisia(1), London(1), London(1), London, England(1), London, United Kingdom(1), Los Angeles(1), Los Angeles(8), Los Angeles CA(1), Los Angeles, California(6), Lubbock, Texas(1), Miami(1), Miami, Florida(1), Moline, Illinois(1), Montreal, Quebec(1), Moreno Valley(1), Morristown(1), New Port Richey, Florida(1), New York(2), New York, New York(1), Newport News(1), North Hollywood, California(1), Oakland, California(2), Orlando(1), Orlando, Florida(1), P-Town (1), Pearland, Texas(1), Phoenix, Arizona(1), Pittsburgh(1), Puerto Vallarta(1), Rochester(1), Saginaw, Michigan(1), Saint Louis(1), San Francisco(1), San Francisco, California(1), San Jose(1), Sandy, Utah(1), Seattle/Atlanta(1), South Huntington, New York(1), Stockholm(1), Stuart, Florida(1), Sydney, Australia(1), Templeton, California(1), Toronto(1), Vancouver, British Columbia(1), Westchester, New York «3(1), Winchendon(1), infinity and beyond.(1), top of the charts(1)
Projects: Album(2672)
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