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Genres: Alternative(48), Blues(10), Christian(17), Classical(7), Country(12), Dance(47), Electronic(48), Folk(6), Gospel(18), House/Techno/Trance(41), Jazz(16), Latin(6), Metal(5), Musical Theater(8), Pop(150), Punk(4), R&B/Soul(120), Rap/Hip-Hop(199), Reggae(11), Rock(45)
Locations: Amsterdam(1), Atlanta(3), Atlanta (1), Bactu, Futuria(1), Berkeley(1), Bonaire(1), Brussels(1), Burbank(1), Burbank, California(1), California(1), Casselberry, Florida(1), Chicago(2), China(1), Cincinnati(2), Clovis(1), Copenhagen, Denmark(1), D.C./L05 4NG3L35/N.Y./E.U./S.A(1), Dacula, Georgia(1), Dallas(1), Dana Point, California(1), Denver(1), Detroit(2), Edinburgh, United Kingdom(1), Elizabeth City, North Carolina(1), Erie(1), Fayetteville(1), Fort Lauderdale, Florida(1), Hartford(1), Hazelwood(1), Hollywood, California(1), Jersey City(1), Kiev(1), Las Vegas(2), Levittown(1), Little Rock(1), London(5), Los Angeles (1), Los Angeles(1), Los Angeles(1), Los Angeles(466), Los Angeles CA(1), Los Angeles, California(9), Lubbock, Texas(1), Madrid(1), Miami(2), Miami Beach(1), Montreal, Quebec(1), Moreno Valley(1), Myrtle Beach(1), NYC, L.A.(1), New Jersey(2), New York(11), New York, New York(2), Novi, Michigan(1), ORLANDO(1), Oakland, California(2), Orlando(1), Paris(1), Pearland, Texas(1), Philadelphia(2), Philly(1), Piscataway, New Jersey(1), Pittsburgh(1), Playa Vista, California(1), Quartz Hill, California(1), Raleigh(2), Roanoke(1), Rochester(1), Rockford(1), Sacramento, California(1), Saginaw, Michigan(1), Saint Louis(2), San Antonio(1), San Francisco(3), San Jose(2), Simi Valley, California(1), South Huntington, New York(1), Springfield(1), Tampa(1), Templeton, California(1), Tomball(1), Toronto(2), UK & Ireland(1), Valdosta(1), Vlissingen, Netherlands(1), Washington(2), West Hollywood, California(1), Where Dreams Become Reality(1), Winchendon, Massachusetts(1), Windsor, Ontario(1), infinity and beyond.(1), top of the charts(1)
Projects: Album(10), Song(3)
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